Saturday, April 01, 2006

Off to WordPress

This is the last post I will be making on Blogger for the foreseeable future. I am going to make all new posts over at WordPress. Look for new stuff over at

I just got tired of posting everything twice, and I am finding the assets over at WordPress outweigh the advantages of sticking around here.

Jill Carroll and Piling on

Just a quick note on the release of Jill Carroll, and the subsequent outrage Right bloggers engaged in when a video surfaced of her praising her captors and criticizing the Bush Administration.

When I first heard about this video, my first thought was "Stockholm Syndrome", and my second was, "Hello. She's a hostage. Could she have been threatened in some way to do this?". Anyway, I never wrote anything on it, as I felt that it might have been a bit too soon to comment. Besides, the poor woman has just returned from one of what the APA calls the five most stressful situations any human can hope to walk away from. Why get on her now?

Seems that I was correct to do so.

Then RickTheWise over at RightWingNuthouse put a very elegant spin on all of this. Iwould urge you to go read it right away.

Facing to the Dexter


1. Of or located on the right side.
2. Heraldry. Situated on or being the side of a shield on the wearer's right and the observer's left.
3. Obsolete. Auspicious; favorable.

1. Suggesting or threatening evil: a sinister smile.
2. Presaging trouble; ominous: sinister storm clouds.
3. Attended by or causing disaster or inauspicious circumstances.
4. On the left side; left.
5. Heraldry. Situated on or being the side of a shield on the wearer's left and the observer's right.

I muse upon this in part because I am visiting my in-laws tomorrow. My father-in-law, like my own father, was born left-handed. Sinister comes from the Italian sinistra meaning pretty much what is says above: both "from the left" and "evil."

This has a practical if somewhat archaic application to my father and father-in-law in that, though both are left-handed, both write right-handed. This comes about from the ancient belief that left-handed people were sinister; evil; wrong. And so, you made them learn to write with their right hand. You forced this training under the guise that it is a world of right-handers, and that using the right hand trained your brain correctly.

This last hare-brained notion isn't so far out of whack, in that beginning neuroscience teaches that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, and the converse if true for the left side brain/right side body.

Side note: The notion that "left handed people are in their right minds" has some actual truth to it.

Now, I have always regarded the treatment of my father and father-in-law in terms of handedness to be little better than barbaric. And I still hold to that.

But after wandering around a bit today in the lower nether-regions of the political left. . .places such as here , here,here, here, here and here I begin to wonder if the Italians weren't correct in the first place.

It is getting harder and harder to escape the notion that the Loon Left is in fact truth in advertising. It is sinister.

"Suggesting or threatening evil."
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