Sunday, March 12, 2006

If I were Emperor of the Universe

-Guitars would be banned from Mass
-Marty Haugen and the St. Louis Jesuits would be mute altar servers
-SSPXers and the like would catch the clue that Vatican II, for all of its subsequent confusion, is a valid council led by the Holy Spirit
-GodofBiscuits and similar, faith-based atheists would at least listen to reason, rather than resort to blind rhetoric and ad hominem arguments
-teachers would earn what they deserve
-and then they would break up and ban the National Education Association
-the ACLU would call itself what it really is, Modern liberalism Gone Wild
-Micheal Moore would be working for McDonald's
-the Democratic party would get consistent, banning both capital punishment and abortion
-the Republican party would do the same thing
-Islamofascists would be recognized for what they are by the Cluebats and MSM; renegade terrorists who deserve all the mercy ever shown by and to the Nazis
-parents would regain the ability to parent
-schools would regain the ability to discipline
-I would find a decent and inexpensive Rickenbacker 4003 on eBay
-Tabletop fusion would become available for EVERYONE, from Bill Gates down to the poorest street urchin in Bangladesh
-People could at least entertain the idea that there COULD be a God, then be open to Pascal's Wager
-People would realize that guilt is not such a bad thing, and
-That there is such a thing as sin, and that it needs to be resisted rather than embraced, and
-That everyone would read and know GK Chesterton and CS Lewis
-the seniors I teach would finally grow up
-and my daughter would get the chance to play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.
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