Tuesday, March 28, 2006

From the "Individual is Now God" Files. . .

. . .we have former Washington governor Booth Gardner, a man noted for his remarkably cranky exterior when he was the Evergreen State's governor in the '90s, has now been diagnosted with Parkinson's and become a vociferous advocate for legalized suicide.

He says he wants "to be in the position where — on a Sunday afternoon, in the summertime; this is the ideal — I'm with my kids and grandkids and I say to them, 'Come here, I've got to talk to you.'

"And they come and I say: 'Friday's my day. That's when I want to leave. Let's spend the rest of the week hanging by each other.'

"That's dignity."

"I have the right to make the last decision."

Yes indeed. We from the MRT Central Command reserve all rights normally attributed to God for ourselves. When others start life, and when they (espcially I) may end them.

I wonder how Booth would feel if he have a brand new car with a poor electrical system to his son, and his son decided that instead of working with it and using it as valid transport, he simply decided to drive it into the nearest tree and be done with it, how he would feel?

Am I oversimplifying? Maybe. Is his position logical? In a materialist culture that in the end is one of the most pessimistic worldviews ever conceived by man, well, yes. But is it life giving? Is it optimistic? Is it LOGICAL?

Emphatically, no.
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