Thursday, March 16, 2006

Biscuits is an idiot

The long-forgotten and little lamented Bisquik hammered me in his little alliterative nothing today. . .claiming that I once upon a time demanded there be no sympathy for homosexuals, because I once dared to say on this blog that Mathew Shepard, the gay man murdered over drugs in Laramie, Wyo. a few years ago was just that, murdered over drugs instead of his homosexuality, as reported on 20/20, if memory serves.

So, apparently, the one time I can agree with the MSM on anything, Mr. Bisquik decides that I am the one who is intolerant.

Not on your life, baby. Just sick that a poor man's death in Wyoming is turned into a national day of martyrdom and beaten breasts by the GLBT, faithful atheist league. It was pathetic then, and it's still pathetic now.

And you're still wrong, Mr. Biscuits.
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