Thursday, February 16, 2006

Why the Blog is on Temporary Hiatus

1: My boss WAS in the hospital. He has since gone home, but has worked a grand total of two (2) hours in the past two weeks.

2: One of the ugliest discipline issues in the history of my school broke out just as my boss was going down, and I have been the point person in dealing with it. I am still digging out from underneath THAT.

3: I still have a full-time+ job beyond this silliness.

4: As if that wasn't enough, I had committed to doing some radio broadcasting. . .and the committment came due -again- just as all of this excreta was hitting the rotating blades. And I made a committment, so I am following through on it.

5: My boss today sends a somewhat ominous note that there is a possibility of him "making a decision about his continued role in the future very soon." Ugh. I want him back. We NEED him back. If he DOESN'T come back. . .more thunder on my tired widdle head.

I am not searching for sympathy (though PRAYERS ARE CERTAINLY WELCOME!!!). . .and I have not forgotten this very important part of my life. . .but it still has to stay on the backburner.

I'll try to keep you posted.
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