Friday, January 20, 2006

Rare sports commentary

A fellow named Davis who plays for the New York Knicks saw his wife being intimidated by what appeared to be an intoxicated fan. He then went into the stands to "evaluate" the situation.

Now, we might be conditioned to think that yet another idiot, spoiled athlete went in the stands to get violent and "teach the fans a lesson" as happened in Detroit a little over a year ago.

No such thing happened.

Davis went into the stands, security came in, removed Davis, his family, and the offending patron. Problem solved. Davis has since been suspended for five games.

And when I first read this, I thought; "Man, he did exactly the right thing. Exactly what I would have done."

Scoop Jackson, a writer for synopsized this little incident perfectly.

I don't often agree with Jackson. He tends to play the race card too often in his articles. But boy, did he nail it correctly in this one.

Go read it right now.


On the other hand, it is not easy to sympathize when the alleged "victim" in this non-incident is now suing Davis for slander, among other things.

I note with head-shaking bemusement that the victim is a son of a major Democratic operative in Chicago. This fact lends credence to the idea that the Evil Party continues to advocate for the Cult of Victimhood.
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