Thursday, December 01, 2005

Out. Fricking. RAGEOUS!!!!!

Informative post here.

So, what these fools are arguing is that holding the woman accountable discourages her from getting prenatal help?

Excuse me. How would have prenatal help "helped" here? If the woman were to have gone in at all, she would never have listened to any advice about meth use.

OR, we are making the even less valuable argument that we then may have to go after the cigarette smokers and coffee and booze drinkers?

HELLO!!! IF these uses harm the baby, then YES we need to hold the mothers accountable.

Let us dispense with the sophistical torquings. The reality is that if this conviction is upheld, women not only are going to be held accountable for what they do while pregnant, but we then inch all that closer to the reality that the fetus has legal rights. And by any means available, that has to be prevented by the MoonBat Left. (Starring in Left Field for the MoonBat Left, virtually all judicial bodies west of the Rocky Mountains).
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