Saturday, November 12, 2005

Truth is Truth, not Opinion

So often, the Freakbat Left levels the claim that I -in my hubris- seek to impose my will upon others who do not share my beliefs. . .possibly due to some basic flaw in my character that impels me to lord it over others.

Far from it.

. . .if a man is ignorant of the fact something is wrong, and acts in ignorance, he incurs no guilt, provided natural reason was not enought to show him that it was wrong. But while ignorance may excuse the man it does not excuse the act, which is wrong in itself. If I permitted the act simply because the man is ignorant, that it is wrong, then I would incur guilt, because I do know it to be wrong. It is really that painfully simple.

-Walter M. Miller, A Canticle for Leibowitz Bantam Spectra Books. Original Copyright, 1959, Walter M. Miller

Some of the more deranged of my limited readership cannot even claim ignorance, sadly. They know either by dint of previous education, or the obvious lessons of natural reason. In their obstinacy, they reject both.
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