Monday, November 14, 2005

some of the joys of age

Having recently turned 40, that particular number becomes a lightning rod for reflection. (40!!!! The texts say this is when the mid-life crisis hits!!! Am I in one????)

Seriously, much of that reflection is positive, in the long commitment my wife and I renew with each other every day; with the raising of 7 remarkable children for whom I am thankful and prayerful every day; for a career that I usually enjoy. While I may not be living the axiom, "Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life", I am close to it. Close to it indeed.

But, 40 also provides reminders that the warranty on the Body God was kind enough to grant me to use for passage through whatever alloted years I have is essentially expired; and some of the parts are beginning to fail. The knees are somewhat creaky, the one big toe appears to be arthritic, making for something of a hitch in my get-along, especially on colder mornings or during times of weather change.

Then there is the broken tooth I just had extracted about an hour ago (the fragment was removed, not the whole tooth). Dentist says it could simply be the "wages of age" marching their way across my body.

Sigh. Oh well. At least it gives me an excuse to spend more time with the family today.
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