Friday, November 11, 2005

Life is difficult enough

. . .without Pat Robertson fouling the air with his strange ravings. First he called for the head of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Now, he is saying that the residents of Dover, PA are subject to "God's wrath" (presumably a natural disaster) for having the temerity to vote out their school board; the same one that voted in a stamp on all their science textbooks questioning the validity of evolution, and the need to be open to other theories, notably, ID.

Now, without getting into the question of ID vs. evolution (another time, please), let us focus on the senselessness of Mr. Robertson; senselessness that verges on perfidy.

I've already called into question his wisdom of advocating for the removal of Chavez's head. And here he is being just as much a demagogue.

For two reasons: 1) It undoubtedly gives ammunition to the Freakbat Left that those on the Right can be just as loony, if not moreso. Setting aside the fact that Robertson has about as much traction with rational members of the Center and Right as the Rev. Al Sharpton; Robertson is a well-known face and voice. And despite the obvious lack of common sense on the part of both "reverends" (I am coming to dislike that word), that has never prevented their opponents from using their respective screeds as evidence of the Right or Left's mental instability.

Then there is 2). Just as Sharpton has some traction with the Moonbat Fringe of the Left, so too does Robertson have traction with the Weekly World News reading faction of the Right. And the LAST THING that is needed is to give any faction, no matter how Out There, reason to believe that their most paranoid fantasies are in fact true.

In this case, the nefarious and nonsensical belief that God will wipe the sinners off the face of the Earth like he did with Sodom. Robertson has the bad taste and lack of common sense to brand Dover, PA as the modern Gomorrah.


None of his ravings are helped by the fact that theologically he is way out At Sea on this topic. . .yet his public persona lends credence to the idea that there are Christians all over the map who agree with his twisted reasonings. Lately, he has become the poster boy for the argument against Sola Scriptura.

Not only does the man need to shut up -now- he needs to -once again- unlimber his Crow Pie recipe and retract his words.

And for Heaven's Sake, keep quiet in the future. He is simply wrong, and makes everything look bad.
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