Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How the Left interprets Elections

Here we have a result from Maine, protecting a law making it a crime to discriminate against GLBTs. While this law can be problematic, and perhaps limits free speech and the use of private property, is not the end of the world.

Here we have a Texas bid to outlaw gay marriage winning comfortably.

Here we have Kansas school board challenging the regnant primacy of Evolution in the publoc schools.

Why is it when I visit sites that tend toward the Right (markshea, the Anchoress, even the supposedly radical MichelleMalkin) I find commentary, perhaps some sadness, some crowing, but a generally calm reaction.

Yet, go to the dailyKos, or just about any other left-bent site that considers these things (you folks can probably find these people on your own. ..why give them any free advertising, eh? Even if it is from this very remote corner of blogdom), and you will find vituperation, profanity, tirades. . .behavior common to a 3 year-old.

I get taken to task for being of the Right, and therefore, "ignorant" and "intolerant."

Whose speech is really intolerant? Whose speech is truly indicative of a fundamental ignorance, if we were to regress these people to the developmental age their vocabulary and invective indicates?
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