Friday, November 11, 2005


This is a remarkable story of forgiveness.

Read it now.

Then, consider how the Relativist Left, with its hatred of God and binding moral precepts, explains how such loving behavior could possibly take place. They cannot claim that conscience alone calls the Schrock's to forgiveness, as anyone's conscience in such a situation calls for vengeance. There is a higher moral calling that Mrs. Schrock responded to, and that higher moral authority cannot come solely from within ourselves.

It must come from Beyond.

The Left can take the opposite tack, that the Schrocks are entitled to their vengeance. But then, how can that be the loving, compassionate response that the Left always presents itself as endorsing?

They cannot have it both ways. In fact, the Left cannot have it either way.

Not only do the Schrock's show us the model for loving forgiveness, they also -albeit unwittingly- expose the fundamental philosophical conundrum the Left both is founded in and also always finds itself.
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