Sunday, November 13, 2005

Airheads weigh in on T.O.

Why is the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson saying that Terrell Owens is being treated too harshly by the Philadelphia Eagles? (Link here).

Background can be found here.

My question: How can ANYONE defend these pampered fools who make millions per year? How on God's earth can a man (black, white, striped, I don't care) who is in the highest 2% of American income, being paid for playing a damned game, be mistreated when he looks his gift horse in the mouth and claims that it is fraudulent.

Sorry sonofabitch deserves to be bucked off the back and tossed to the ground.

Both Jackson and Nader are ignorant grandstanders trying to make a name for themselves.

Sorry, guys. T.O. made his own bed. He now gets to lie in it, and then make still more millions next year with some idiot team that thinks they can tame him.
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