Friday, October 21, 2005

Teeing off on foolish parents

Lemme tell you a quick story.

My brother is also a teacher in a different corner of my home state. He is also that school's soccer coach (boys and girls). Up till this week, the girl's team was undefeated, leading the league. Now, the team suffered two losses this past week to very good teams within the league. Part of those losses can be attributed to the fact that his lead sweeper was injured, creating a huge hole in the line-up to be fixed.

Now, the moronic, Monday-morning quarterback parents who have said little in support of him during this run now send him an anonymous letter, giving my brother player-placement advice, telling him he is not coaching from the sideline (how the **** can they TELL this when they are sitting in the bleachers? Unless they expect him to march up and down the field like a nervous cat, screaming at the players?), tell him he is not using "soccer sense" (which is insane. He has played and coached for OVER 30 YEARS), and then end the letter telling him it was "not indignant".

Whatever. That last bit was taken straight from the article I linked on the last post. Sit there and cart out every condescending, arrogant posture in the book and then claim that they are actually trying to be KIND?

Cowardly, foolish, chair-bound pencil pushers.

YES I am mad!!!! Later on, I might comment about the idiocy that sports madness seems to create in the more mindless of our parents. . .but that is for another time.

RIght now, I'm only fit for ranting.
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