Thursday, October 06, 2005

Rex Redux

We restarted the show today, once again for schoolchildren, after a badly needed three day hiatus.

It was wonderful.

Though the real reason I am writing is the blessing in discovering just how much better I am feeling now after a week of fighting this virus. Today was a literal copy of last Thursday in terms of physical demands being put on me in the show. Temperature was the same. . .everything. Yet I barely broke a sweat today, I hit all of my notes. . .easily. . .whereas last week was a tremendous, sweat-soaked, near-disastrous chore.

Another blessing is that my in-laws, both of whom as serious music snobs, saw the show and remarked upon how surprisingly good my singing and Rexing is, given my near-total greenness in terms of stage singing.

I had no idea how poorly I was feeling last week. . .until I could compare it to how good I feel this week.

Illness serves many purposes, I am sure. But for today, I thank it for reminding me how GOOD it feels to be normal and healthy.

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