Friday, October 28, 2005

Odds and Ends

Some loose ends to clear up 'round here.



3. (Psychology). A reduction or a loss in the strength or rate of a conditioned response when the unconditioned stimulus or reinforcement is withheld.

Referent? Well, I'll let you folks speculate.

I've not commented upon the various follies surrounding the White House lately, mainly due to an inability to make informed commentary. But recently -with the whole often seeming to be greater than the sum of its parts- a number of issues have come to a head, resulting in the following comments:

What with affaire de Miers and affaire de Plame, the Bush admin does not come off looking good. The first always smacked of cronyism (not that this denigrated the woman's ability to adjudicate), and looked bad, and now the withdrawal ALSO looks bad (but a pasting in the Senate by fellow GOPs would have looked even worse). The second makes the administration look further bad in manipulating the press into settling personal vendettas.

Couple this with Bush's seeming love of increasing big government while the ghost of Reagan spins in his grave, I find myself wishing more and more that the Democrats would finally get to the point of moral coherence and come out against abortion. While their apparent self-loathing of all things American would still be an issue, it would certainly offer a breathtaking alternative to the GOP.

And Bush's GOP is appearing less and less attractive (at least on domestic issues).

Finally, there is this very depressing post on

The next time someone says there is no liberal bias in the media, I will direct them to this travesty of journalism.

There is no other way to parse the rampant liberalism at the country's "newspaper of record." They are clearly torquing the news into something it is not, simply so they can further their own spin on "Bush and the war are evil, and no one supports him." The Times' work on this story sat the reality on its head. . .there is no other way to parse it.

And as goes the Times, so go the Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, the MSM networks and so on.

In the mainstream, natioanl media, there is no objective reporting. Only liberal spin.

Remember, 89% of editors, reporters and publishers polled in the DC area voted for Kerry last time around. There is NO WAY that you will convince me that New York media is significantly different. There is NO WAY they all force themselves to remain objective.

And so, you get twisted stories like these.

The MSM is liberal. Get used to it.
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