Sunday, October 16, 2005

Drama rears its head again

I have been asked -based upon my success playing Crazy Ol' Maurice- to now play Mozart in a benefit show. I am once again highly flattered.

There are some good points and bad points to this:


1) The only other performer is my son, Eric, who will be playing the part of Mozart's son Karl. Lots of opportunity for fun there, not to mention that fact that most of the rehearsals can take place in the comfort of my own home.
2) There will be one performance (1). Much less stress there.
3) This is a piece that is similar to Peter and the Wolf, in that it is a kids piece to play along with an orchestra. The dialog Eric and I manage serve to augment our orchestra introducing Mozart (most notably, the Magic Flute) to local kids. Great fun potential there as well.

The bad:
1) Not the strongest script ever written, AND
2) I have four weeks to memorize 40 pages of dialog!!! This is hands down the most intense line memorization load I have ever encountered. I've had more wordy roles, but I also have had at least 10 weeks to put them together. 4 weeks is insane.

Here we go again.
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