Friday, September 02, 2005

The "Tolerant" Left, that hates "hate"

Yeah, the Liberals say that hate is a bad thing, therefore, they do not engage in it.

Feast your addled eyes on THIS:

“This President is never gonna do the right thing. I think somewhere deep down inside him he takes a lot of joy about losing people, if he thinks they vote Democrat or if he thinks they’re poor, or if he thinks they’re in a blue state, whatever his reasons are not to rescue those people…” – Air America’s Randi Rhodes

This is not reasoned analysis or critique. This is a nationally syndicated (for now), LIBERAL radio host spewing her hatred of the President for all to hear.

Now really, tell me again how the Left just loves everyone, and doesn't "hate."

'Cause I know of no other way to parse that little tidbit.

Tips to The Anchoress for this quote and an excellent analysis on MoonBat Left responses to Katrina after 100 hours.
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