Friday, September 16, 2005

Racist demogoguery debunked.

I am getting REALLY TIRED of left-bent Maison de Lune (See Beauty and the Beast [the Broadway version] for the reference) refugees babbling about how Katrina response is racist in nature.

Michelle Malkin offers a link to an essay that just completely blows this sinister nonsense out of the fetid water.

The reality is that when idiots like Louis Farrakhan claim that white people blew up the levee to drown out the blacks and keep the white neighboorhoods dry, they are engaging in racism, pure and simple.

From Racism: Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

How is Farrakhan's vitriolic babble and the rest of the MoonBat Left's claims that this is all race-related not racism in itself??

Though I seemingly joke that when Michael Moore is projecting when he keeps using the word "hate" in relation to conservatives, I am in fact being serious.

The Left is consumed with hatred: hatred for Republicans, for Christians, for family values. Truly, they hate the West, and to a greater extent, even themselves. They then are projecting their hatred onto Conservatives, blaming them for the very sins they hold deep in their Blue-State heart-of-hearts.
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