Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More Katrina

Michelle Malkin reports
State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said earlier on Wednesday 10 to 12 foreign governments have offered general assistance to the United States to deal with the hurricane aftermath but no decision had been made about how these offers might be used.

Would be nice to know which 10-12, wouldn't it?

While it WOULD be nice to know who those countries are, in the end it is simply nice to know that the offer stands, even if we do not take anyone up on it.

And I think we ought to, if for no other reason than to show a bit of humility, as opposed to the current tendency to try to appear to be rock-solid, unflappable warriors never in need of any assistance.

UPDATE, 9-1 I almost can't believe this, but it seems that former President Billary err...Clinton, put a CNN talking head in her place when she tried to pillory GW Bush for "ignoring the plight of the people in the Superdome" or some such nonsense. If the story is correct, Bush the Elder (who was also in this interview) couldn't defend his son well enough, so Clinton jumped into the breach and set things right.

If so, my hat is off to him, for the first time EVER!!
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