Monday, August 15, 2005

Doors and country music

When appointed Dictator of the Universe, despite the shudders and whimpers that would surely emanate from a tiny home in Frisco, I would not outlaw homosexuality; I would simply say forget the idea of marriage. That is reserved for a man and a woman.

No, there are only two things I would outlaw: the playing of ANY music by the Doors, and following the deportation of all country music performers to Branson, Missouri, the forbidding of any country music being played over the air/ether/television/satellite waves except for those in the city limits of Branson. Branson stations are limited to no more than 25 watts of broadcast strength. This way, country music performers and fans can enjoy the company of one another in a place FAR AWAY from the rest of American "civilization."

Though if the Peanut gallery doesn't pipe down, I'll change the Branson deportation order to the Castro district.
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