Sunday, June 05, 2005

Request for rules of engagement

I have been hit over the head by ethical objects swung by various Internet denizens the past few weeks. I have NOT been commenting upon them until I've had a chance to consider them at length and allow my passions to die down somewhat.

It seems that certain I-junkies are offended with my "ethics" in operating in blogdom. To wit:

-I linked a certain notorious MRT under my listings for "Know Thine Enemy"
-This same MRT lurked on this site, broke the rules, and was subsequently banned, though the link remained up.
-I continued to comment upon HIS site on the things he was bringing up there.

It seems that the combination of these events sparked ethical queasiness in some people, and I was excoriated by various MRTs as well as member(s) of DogSnot for being "hypocritical".

I open this up to the general community. I am unaware of established rules for working in blogspace. It seemed appropriate to me at the time to ban the MRT for violating the rules I established (for this blog alone), yet to comment upon his offerings in his own site, based only on what he said there. I still see no reason for me not to continue to do so, though I have abstained from such activity until I can get clarity on the "ethics of blogspace".

As for banning the fellow while keeping his link on my site, here I can see some ethical difficulty. To be honest, I simply forgot about the link to his site, and when this was brought to my attention, I eliminated the link. For keeping the link after the ban, I HEREBY ISSUE A PUBLIC APOLOGY!!!!. That was a silly and thoughtless thing for me to do.

Otherwise, I'd like to hear from all and sundry on this. What do you think? Can a person ban a miscreant from their site and continue commenting on that other person's site?

My only request in engaging in this topic is that "feelings" are fine for posting your opinion, but to convince me that I engaged in perfidy, I need some logical argument attached.
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