Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Would someone please explain to me. . .

the following:

Why is it that:

-When I speak to a chemical engineer from one of the National Laboratories, he introduces himself as a chemical engineer?
-Or my boss describes himself as a "principal"?
-Or my colleague describes herself as a "teacher"?
-Or one of our parents describes himself as an "HVAC installer"?


When you talk to the Apple Software engineer, who lives in Frisco and seems to enjoy the Castro district, when he introduces himself, he announces that he is "gay?"

Why the difference?

The people of the first group identify themselves by their professions, yet that person of the alternative lifestyle (and he is a single illustration of a larger group tendency) identifies himself first by his sexual preference.

Why the disconnect?

Possible theories:
-Insecurity. Best overcome by loudly proclaiming one's confidence.
-Unhealthy fixation on sex as the primary focus of one's life. (and I have been around numerous homosexuals for whom this is a fact of life)
-An overweening desire to thumb one's nose at society-at-large (a hangover from the Freak Generation, so to speak).

Feel free to drop your own notions.
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