Monday, May 02, 2005

Whys and Wherefores

I haven’t done any exploration on this topic, but just off the top of my head, I can come up with the following reasons why someone might be interested in keeping a blog:

1. To attempt to sway others to one’s way of thinking
2. To serve as an ego trip (look at ME, I can WRITE!!!)
3. To vent one’s spleen, say what’s on one’s mind, simply to get what is in one’s head and heart out of it (as a corollary, Stephen King once said that one doesn’t write for the money, one writes because one has to. To write just for the money makes one a monkey). I try to teach my English students that physical expression is the final step in conscious thought. If one wants to make their thoughts their own, write them down.
4. To attempt to uplift others
5. To attempt to anger others

I’d be interested to hear from others as to why they write (or why they think others write). We can compile these into a post for a later day, and incorporate them into the “Rules and So Forth” section.

In the meantime, it might be beneficial to take note of why I write this blog. (That would be #3). This blog takes place simply for my own satisfaction, no one else’s. I am not in this to win over, uplift or anger others. Nor do I think I am in this for the ego trip (though this one can be a bit insidious, I admit).

With that in mind, if you wish to indulge in my reflections or share my little tidbits with others, wonderful. Look about. Enjoy yourself. Offer constructive criticism or outright adulation if you see fit. If we share an idea or experience, drop a comment. Any civil discussion that might come about is more than welcome. But keep in mind that this is written in the end for my own release. Any positive consequences of this are unplanned-for yet welcome.

Conversely, for those of you who are looking for exhaustive research, scholarly exegeses, perfect grammar, universally consistent arguments or journalistic integrity (an oxymoron to begin with anyway. . .) or simply desire to take a potshot at this blogger personally under the guise of “constructive criticism”, you are wasting your time in reading this blog. So if one wishes to micromanage my writing, correct my mistakes, excoriate me because I’m not writing at the level one might find in First Things (or even the New York Times or New Republic, for that matter) or simply are after me because you dislike my politics/morality/theology, I heartily recommend that you take up another pastime, like kite flying, beekeeping, or perhaps self-taxidermy. You will find it far more rewarding than picking on me and my little blog.
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