Monday, May 09, 2005

What the eff is going on here???

Check this out.

There is something decidedly rotten in (Spokane) River City.

Item one: A Republican, anti-gay rights governor, Jim West, is in place in the city of Spokane, (which is about 15 good stones-throws away from where I write)

Item two: West is accused by the local newspaper of lurking about, and attempting to lure 18-year old boys to Spokane with promises of favors (such as summer internships) in return for "other favors" (we'd best not speculate on that).

Item three: The Spokane Spokesman-Review, a decidedly anti-Republican rag, broke this story a few days ago.

Item four: Despite the S-R's questionable pedigree, the work they did in investigating it appears certain and damning.

Item five (Perhaps unrelated): The Spokane City Council has been advocating for a "gay zone" inside the city, where business and residential tax breaks would be in place for avowed homosexuals in an effort to boost the city's "arts". This absurd endeavor has been badmouthed by just about everyone, including NPR's commentator, a gay man from LA (the name escapes me. Search NPR's "All Things Considered" for the last nine months and you'll find this tidbit).

Ignoring Item five, if West has in fact done this, he needs to be run out of town because:

*he besmirches his office (ethically this is no better than Clinton offering Monica an internship in exchange for closet hijinks with a cigar. Orientation doesn't come into play here; abuse of office does)
*he deeply offends Republicans by lying about his orientation
*if he were up front about his orientation, he never would have got into office. Eastern Washington is very conservative, even with the deranged Spokane City Council, and an open homosexual has a much chance of becoming mayor of Spokane as Minnie Pearl had of becoming Miss America
*he makes Democrats look wise by at least being honest about some of their more heinous sins

In short, he ends up looking like the Compleat Hypocrite. At least Clinton never made it a policy to legally pursue fornicators and adulterers. (I cannot believe that I am defending Governor Bill, in any sense, but we need to call a spade a spade). Clinton at least had the sense not to drain the swamp he was peeing in. West is the fool who would drain the swamp, and then pee all over the park that was built on that old swamp.

West's work computers have been confiscated, to see if his trips to can be backtracked. If the S-R's accusations prove true, West needs to resign immediately. The last time we saw this type of behavior, Tammy Faye Bakker's foo husband Jim was condemning adulterers with one breath and sleeping with his secretary the next. Any Republican that can make Clinton look good needs to be put out to pasture for his own good.
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