Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Returning to the Crime of the Scene. . . over and over. . .

Took the three middle kids to an audition for Beauty and the Beast tonight. I had every intention of curling up with a good Larry Niven book while they danced, sang and cold-read their way through this.

But I got talked into auditioning (again), and while I eschewed the dance portion (YEEEEEchhh. . .) I did actually cold-read and sang.. . and had fun. Never fails. I can avoid an audition like a career drunk can avoid a boilermaker.

Why, even in moments of near total weariness, do I try to add yet something else to my plate?

And then I answer myself.

Because I love drama. . .have for almost 30 years.

I'm not that bad at it.

And most importantly, now that my kids are in it too, I get to be WITH THEM as well as coaching them in this most fine of arts. That is the bottom line, and why I MAY say "yes" if they offer me a part.

MAY accept it. The spectre of the dreaded HOUSE MOVE still lurks ominously in the background. . .
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