Monday, May 16, 2005

Journalistic shenanigans

Newsweek publishes the article that, among other things, accuses Gitmo intel dudes of flushing a copy of the Qu'ran down the toilet.

Once the riots started in Jalalabad, some questions came to my mind.

1) Did the journalist(s) in question responsible for reporting this think for one second about the wisdom of publishing this amazingly inflammatory story? Answer: No

2) Did they corroborate their sources? Answer: No. No one is surprised, of course.

3)When confronted with this perfidy, why do they not retract the story?

4)Will they take any responsibility for further poisoning relations with Islamic countries? Answer: No. This becomes Bush's problem to clean-up.

5)WHY did they do this in the first place? Answer: To make the Bush Administration look bad, of course. Now that Newsweek has egg on its face, will it attempt to help Bush get rid of the coincidental egg on HIS face? Answer: Of course not.

Between this, Rathergate, and a host of other media gaffes, how can one still maintain that there is no liberal bias in the media?????
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