Friday, April 22, 2005

The Tyranny of "Tolerance"

From my "Materialist Reductionism" post, point #2:

MRTs profess a love for tolerance, yet curiously are functionally intolerant of religious affiliation

As a working example, one might visit here:

The world is absolutely rife with other examples. A perusal of Ann Coulter's Scandal or Stephen Carter's The Culture of Disbelief (the latter title is an excellent book and generally very balanced) will give the reader interested in further research on the topic (as if that were necessary) more than ample additional proof of the functional hypocrisy of the Liberal practice of "tolerance."

It is perhaps telling of the relativisitic tyranny that they are indeed tyrannical towards the expression of the religious in public life. Elimination of the Ten Commandments from public forums, withering attacks upon religious leaders that have the gall to make public pronouncements of moral rectitude, ridicule of a US President that not only encourages the formation of Christian "mediating institutions" ( search here for a working definition of a mediating institution) but also has the poor political judgment to profess that he prays for guidance on a regular basis and allowance for any type of free speech unless it comes from a religous background or violates the basic tenets of liberalism. (A little reflection shows that MRTs are no different than any other idealist group; Nazis, Communists, French Revolutionaries, all knew that pure application of their ideologies would result in Utopia; yet each ended in fantastic destruction of lives and livelihoods)

The two greatest Christian apologists of the 20th Century both hailed from England; the Anglican Clive Staples Lewis and the Catholic Gilbert Keith Chesterton. Chesterton in particular took great glee in pointing out the more absurd fallacies of liberal/Modernist thought. My favorite is his observation that the "freedom" to untrammelled pursuit of one's desires, instincts and pleasures free of any moral reservation was in the end not freedom at all; but slavery, one of a most insidious kind. Chesterton predicted (or more properly, simply observed) that if you took a man and removed from him the "shackles of restraint", he would then pursue most single-mindedly the most luxuriant sensations; drugs, sex, food, drink, material possessions, whatever the case might be. And the irony is that once the man sated himself. . .he was in fact not sated. He looked forward to his next "fix". And soon his day was consumed not with charity towards others, or work, or simple communion with nature. His focus became the next "fix." Both the anticipation of that fix and the fix itself became the poor man's preoccupation, then pastime, until it blossomed into a full-fledged obsession, one that in some fashion or other will lead him to destruction. One need only observe an unreconstructed alcoholic to observe this fundamental fact of human nature in action. Left to his own devices, the unrestrained alcoholic will kill himself, and most likely will be doing so while consumed with self-loathing, because he wants to stop but no longer has the will. He has become enslaved to his desire, in this case, booze.

Substitute whatever "fix" you like; material possessions, scientific discovery, sex, power, money, drugs. Chesterton's observation stands up.

Yet, this is the state that the MRTs wish for humanity in general; untrammelled access to their sensual pursuits. We will remember that the MRT connotes reality as only what can be sensed, hence their claim that they are not enslaved, they are merely "reveling in reality".

Hence their inability to follow their self-proclaimed adherence to "tolerance." Anyone who challenges the right to access to sensual pursuits is interfering with their actual goal. Their goal is not equality for everyone; their goal is equal access to "whatever feels good". As for those damned Christians that dare to stand in their way and hinder that access, well, damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead.

"Reveling in reality" and damning those that reject their empiricist idealism will garner MRTs little more in the end than a barren wasteland, where the few survivors of their society pursue their own self-centered nigthmares and call them dreams. So has the bleak prophecy of Orwell actually come true in the MRT world; slavery is labeled as "freedom", tyranny is "tolerance" and "sensation" is "reality."
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