Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Speaking of the tyranny of relativism. . .

I was suffering from a post-migraine lethargy and was browsing at bloghogger.tk when the inimitable and iniquitous Bisquik made yet another snide comment to one of the contributors (the indomitable s4ntA), and my already tenuous temper melted away. So I wrote the following reply:

"Do not speak to us of "learning". You, who claim to be so skilled at reading and managing "nuance", of being open to all possibilities, shriek of hypocrisy in coming in here and claiming such things.

If they were true, you would be at least minimally open to perhaps learning something new in here. But you aren't. You have made it abundantly clear that you are not here to learn, but to either provoke, or "teach." (Since you already claime to "know it all") Then you have the gall to ask s4ntA, or anyone else in here, if they are willing to "learn" your jaded lessons. Try listening, for once in your self-absorbed, jaded life, rather than lecturing to an audience that has not paid tuition to hear your lectures. . .and if we had, would be demanding a refund.

This is made all the more intolerable in that Professor Contrabutor comes into our own spaces to lecture.

If any of us want to hear you lecture, Contrabutor, we need only visit your little alliterative nothing, where you can talk about. . .whatever it is that you talk about in there. More self-satisfied smirking at the dim-wittedness of the Right, how brilliant you are, and your various daily mundanities (haircuts, gym "visits" and sexual exploits).

Speaking of tyranny. . .the tyranny of relativism. . .

Fortunately, I managed to rein in my temper long enough to not send it. . .only to copy and paste it here. This will fit into a later post on the intellectual and emotional snobbery of the MRTs, but that is for later. In the meantime, I'm going to lay down and put a wet cloth over my eyes. My migraine seems to be coming back.
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